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Master Surfaces TexStride 
Arena Footing

When making the addition of our indoor in 2020, we chose to mix Master Surfaces TexStride with river sand as it created the ideal footing for our facilities day to day activities and events. Master Surfaces describes TexStride as, "Scientifically engineered, this synthetic fabric material provides cush, yet helps stabilize the sand. Long-lasting, it provides one of the most consistent surfaces available." This footing can be found in both our indoor and outdoor arena, and has served well with the variety of events hosted at the facility. TexStride is a resilient binder for the arena, providing moisture retaining properties to uphold a well groomed arena. Below you can find images of the footing mix within our indoor, along with images from our day to day activities and events. Our events have ranged from Working Equitation, Equestrian Vaulting, bull riding, and recently a dog agility trial. 


Working Equitation

Equestrian Vaulting

Other Events

Click between the images above to view the events that have taken place within our facility

Tex Stride Q&A


How big is one bale of footing? 

What is the cost per bale?

One bale of footing 4ft x 5ft and 3ft tall

Weighing in around 1200 lbs

$600 for one bale

$500 per bale for 2 or more

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